Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blog Relocating:!

Hello all.  My blogging at this location has slowed down dramatically over the last year or two.  That's mostly my own fault, but Blogger's moribund design and technical limitations don't help.  It looks like crap, it's hard to read, and it makes me not want to blog every time I look at it.  I've been blogging using Blogger for nearly 15 years, and like almost everything in my life, I've been doing it mostly for fun.  It's finally time to get serious, about this and a lot of other things, which means I'm moving my web presence.

My main 'live' new home will be at, a Wordpress blog (see? professional) devoted to weird fiction, strange music, underground art, and anything else that pops on my radar, and prominently featuring my music criticism book of the same title.  I'm bringing it live as we speak, and it will be ready to rock by the end of the weekend.

I'll also be working on, a blog (also Wordpress!  PROFESSIONAL) for a nonfiction book I'm working on, currently titled Conspired! How Space Lizards in Black Helicopters Wearing Tinfoil Hats are Taking Over American Politics, and Why We Need To Cut it Out.  That blog will be exclusively devoted to conspiracism and conspiracist topics.

Finally, there's, a static landing page with my bio and C.V., and linking to my various projects in various ways.

Future rollouts are planned for, possibly having to do with philosophy and deeper intellectual stuff.  There will also be a site devoted specifically to the fictional alternate-Civil War world I first entered with the Scouts of the Pyre novella, available in issues 8, 9, and eventually 10 of Steampunk Magazine, and destined to be an ebook just as soon as the print publication run is complete.

I will make one or two more posts here as I hit milestones with these other projects, but otherwise I'm dropping the curtain on Mindslikeknives.  It has been very satisfying for me to blog here for the past five (eight? Ten?) years or so, but all good things and all that.

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