Sunday, November 11, 2012

All Good Things . . . The End of STOIC and Bradley Kokay's CHEAPER THAN ARROWS, 11/16

Just a quick reminder and endorsement, if you haven't made it out to the current show at the Venture Compound in St. Petersburg, STOIC and Bradley Kokay's Cheaper Than Arrows, this coming Friday will be your final chance.  Starting at 9pm, The Venture Compound is hosting Boston's Pile, along with local bands Ghost Hospital and Just Satellites, and after the performance, Cheaper Than Arrows will close.

Going into it none of us were really sure what to expect, but in the frantic all-night runup to the opening these two guys turned out a truly intimidating installation, with one of Brad's trademark organic collages running the entire length and breadth of a gallery wall, four of STOIC'S iconic hungry skulls marching the remaining perimeter, and each leaking/bleeding out onto the pitch-black ceilings and floor.

This is the most striking, new, dramatic art currently on display anywhere in St. Petersburg, and maybe in Tampa Bay.  After Friday night it will be ripped down, painted over, and DESTROYED.

You've been warned.

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