Thursday, April 18, 2013

Record Store Day Picks for Abstract Electro/Hip Hop Heads

Going through the list of RSD exclusive releases is a fun trip - learning about cool new artists, and mostly, trying to spot interesting stuff based on names + art alone.

Here's what I'll be looking for, starting with the most exciting stuff:

GZA Liquid Swords Chess Box: Whaaaaat

Brian Eno/Nicolas Jaar/Grizzly Bear:

Conny Plank + Neu! and others:

Evian Christ: DUGA-3:

Oval: Systemisch:

Ready to Die white vinyl:

TR-909 Book: Featuring Schoolly D!

Non-Phixion: I Shot Reagan:

Dan Deacon: Konono Ripoff no. 1:  (brilliant title)

Moon Duo: Circles Remixed:

Codeine: What about the Lonely:

Cuntz: Aloha:

Black Milk: Synth or Soul:

Austra + Gina X: Mayan Drums:

I'm sure I missed some good ones, lemme know.

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