Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vanity House: Glaciers of Ice, a.k.a. Me

Just realized I haven't ever posted my own music here.  In one of the classic examples of my work life and personal life being indistinguishable, I record for my own enjoyment, but also as a way to learn about the creative processes and business of music.  I'm hoping to finish a Glaciers of Ice album within the next few months.  I've got two tracks up, still just demos. Check out the short and to the point beat-driven synth-noise of "Truth Serum," or if you've got a few minutes the epic sci-fi synth trip "Dylan's Chase." I hope the title of the latter adequately acknowledges its deep indebtedness to Dylan Ettinger.

Glaciers of Ice -Truth Serum by Glaciers of Ice

Glaciers of Ice - Dylan's Chase by Glaciers of Ice

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