Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'll Give You Something to Remember Like the Alamo.

I've been on a crude version of it for over a year now, but to celebrate the release of the book (and its treasure trove of new detailed tips), I'm renewing my commitment to Tim Ferris's 4 Hour Body/Slow Carb eating program.  Maybe I'll post more about that sometime, but today is my favorite part - the "eat whatever the hell you feel like" day.  I've had a crepe, two sodas, a donut, a Zats burger, a Snickers, and now, before I hit the sack, the piece de resistance - a grab bag of burgers from McDonald's.

Don't look at me like that.

Anyway, McDonald's Japan has just revived its "Big America" campaign, featuring four different regional flavors.  First up is the Texas Burger, and it's an unmitigated disaster.  (A few years ago this would have been predictable, but McDonald's food has been getting much better).  Sadly the Texas2 Burger is ruined by the Japanese influence.  Rather than Jalapenos, I think the spiciness comes mainly from horseradish mustard, the chili-esque substance slathered on it is nuclear red, and there's what is, I think, a piece of ham on it?  But it's supposed to be bacon?  I don't know.  But it does not even remotely remind me of home.

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