Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hoodwinked! Bamboozled!

I was just watching a broadcast of an Obama Rally . . . I think live. In reference to McCain's economic policy, he says:

"We will not be hoodwinked. We will not be bamboozled."

I'm doing a little looking around, and it seems Obama has been using these phrases for a while. And it's not really Malcolm, just a speech from Spike Lee's movie, never actually delivered:

Is this a Democratic version of right-wing people quoting obscure passages of the bible? If so, HALLELUJAH. The mere connection has me fired up.

The question is - why haven't the Right made more hay with it? It seemed linking Obama with X would be one hell of a lot more frightening to the people the McCain campaign is targetting (which is apparently ignorant, distrustful rednecks who truly believe themselves to be 'more patriotic' than other Americans and who really think Obama is a terrorist). But it seems this is a really subtle play on Obama's part, since the Republicans would probably just end up looking ridiculous if they accused him of referencing Malcom X . . . "But it's not really him, it's from a movie."


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