Sunday, January 14, 2007

Communicating about the Surge

No big news on it today, but the whole "surge" thing continues to be mind-boggling. Some options for those of us who don't want our frustration to fester into bitterness:

1. Attend a rally (more emotionally than politically effective).

2. Write an email/letter or make a phone call to your congressman.

3. Make and wear an anti-escalation t-shirt - clever, obscene, or if possible, both. (The one I'm considering is "Surge? You've got to be fucking shitting me." Or "Surge: An outdated product that I'm not buying." Still working on that one.) Better yet, design a shirt on a site like and post it up here so others can buy it if they like it.

4. Write a letter to the editor, or better yet, a 500-word guest editorial. Look for smaller newspapers, you've got a better chance of getting in. If you're a student or affiliated with a University, your student newspaper is probably an easy in. Keep your emotions in check and make a logical argument. The Tiabbi material would be useful here.

Any other ideas? Anger is an energy, don't let it go to waste.

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